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The Battle Between Fenglu Club And The Chinese Basketball Association

November 3rd, 2008 · 3 Comments · Basketball, Sports Regime

Tan Jie, the director of Fenglu Club, cried at the press conference  

Tan Jie, the director of Fenglu Club, cried at the press conference.

Guangdong Fenglu Aluminum Basketball Club (Fenglu, 广东凤铝铝业男子篮球俱乐部), founded in November 2006 by Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium Co.,Ltd, yesterday on November 2 made a statement about the club’s decision to quit Chinese Basketball Association(CBA, 中国篮球协会), governing body of Chinese basketball which is also the name of China’s premier professional basketball league. Below are some excerpts from the club’s statement.

- Stop Protecting Our Rights

In June 2008, Fenglu won the title of NBL, the secondary league to CBA, and thus qualified for getting promoted to the top league. The club had met all the 40 conditions of becoming a CBA team either in hardware or software in the evaluation by CBA staff in August. But on September 4, the Basketball Association and its league committee unofficially let CBA teams cast votes on whether nor not Fenglu should enter the league based on the principle of ‘geological balance of the clubs’. (CSR: Noted that CBA will have four teams based in Guangdong Province if Fenglu enters, as Olypian Professional Basketball Club (北京奥神职业篮球俱乐部) will return to CBA this year from the American Basketball Association.) The poll which is strongly against Qualification Paper issued by CBA should be questioned and we had to take it as a black box operation. Fenglu submitted the case to the General Administration of Sport of China later by the court based on China’s Sports Law and GASC’s regulations, hoping that they can do the supervising duty. The GASC replied at 6 pm on October 21 to the club: Your request is not in our accepting list, please submit it to other organizations concerned.Fenglu brought a suit against CBA on October 22 but it was rejected by the court. Until now, all CBA, GASC and People’s Court haven’t provide any possible help on this matter. Therefore, Fenglu decided to stop protecting its rights after seeing no hopes of getting protection through proper means.

- The Credibility of CBA Should Be Questioned

According to the Qualification Paper issued by CBA, Fenglu had met the requirements both in ranking and club conditions that can guarantee it a place in CBA. But the club was ‘balanced out’ due to a manipulated poll. Fenglu has been expecting CBA can deal with this matter properly based on respecting the regulations and being down-to-earth. Our club would accept the decision ifCBA could explain it in a reasonably and properly manner.

Fenglu questions CBA’s decision to disqualify the club from entering the top league. CBA staff first denied there’s a need of ‘geological balance of the clubs’ but later get it confirmed. It’s hard to understand what principles CBA has been following in doing their supervising duty. Looking back at the whole dispution process, the attitude and actions of CBA as a supervising body is disappointing, and we’re in doubt of its credibility.

Fenglu questions the so-called ‘democratic poll’, as the requirements of entering CBA are clearly stated in Qualification Paper and Qualification Details issued by CBA and there’s no so-called ‘democratic poll’ on them.

Fenglu questions the poll result. CBA tried to make up its already published first poll by orgnizing a second one on October 7 that included Fenglu Club as a voter. Had Fenglu been voted out after the first poll or the second? If it’s the first, why is it nessasary to include Fenglu in the second poll? If it’s the second, what’s the purpose of including Fenglu in it after CBA announced the club was disqualified already? This is ridicioulous.

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