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The Battle Between Fenglu Club And The Chinese Basketball Association

November 3rd, 2008 · 4 Comments · Basketball, Sports Regime |

Fenglu’s question to CBA’s violation of principles and lack of justice was based on its intention of protecting the rules and whole interests of the league. However, our actions was stigmatized byCBA as ‘unreasonable and unobjective’, even been considered as ‘an denial to the validity of the league, not respecting to rules and damaging the whole interests of the league.’ CBA’s of making black white expression is rediculous and disappointing.

CBA’s decision of orgnizing poll had clearly violated the rules of competitive sports and China’s Sports Law. From what CBA staff have said we can see CBA people have no sense of law and are not familiar with Sports Law and regulations made by the GASC.

Fenglu can enumerate a series of problematic actions done by CBA, but has no intention to talk to the incredible CBA and wait for their decision. Cooprating with CBA that lacks right, justice and credibility is like putting our club on chopping block. Maybe quitting is the best choice for us to make and the most responsible one to Chinese basketball industry and fans.

Hours after Fenglu’s statement made public, CBA made a statement accordingly, saying that they are dissapointed in hearing Fenglu’s decision to quit their governance. They stated that according the the CBA’s regulations, a club want to quit the governance of CBA should send an application to them first, and also condemned Fenglu acting like a victum to get sympathy.

In the morning of November 3, CBA held a press conference. Li Yuanwei, the director at the China Basketball Association Center gave press their accounts on this case:

1. The key to this Fenglu matter is about the understanding of qualification requirements.

2. The key to this matter is also how we look at Fenglu’s result in NBL. Fenglu is either not clear about these two points or intentionally confusing the public.

3. The understanding of qualification requirements is only the cause of this matter on the surface, the real cause is about the understanding of CBA’s reform of Pro basketball league. Only when we have the same idea and value, can we have the same principles in action. Fenglu’s words and deeds indicates that there’s a big gap between them and other CBA clubs in the concept of playing in pro sports.

4. We don’t know why Fenglu thinks they are the absolute contender of this year’s CBA. The club, which has been established for less than two years, is still in its start up stage and have only gotten one title of NBL. Do these make them an absolute CBA team? Which stipulation in CBA’s regulations supports this idea?

5. Fenglu’s statement is an overall denial and stigmatization of CBA’s credibility, justice and attitude. It even compared CBA with gangsters to show CBA is rude, hegemonic and
unreasonable. Is this in accordance with objective facts? If so, we’d like to ask how the progress of Chinese bastketball has been made in recent years? Fellow media friends has been in contact with us a lot and are all active participants in the reform of Chinese basketball, we believe you will have a impartial judgement on this matter. As for Fenglu’s condemnation about CBA leaders of blurring regulations to get kickbacks from the clubs, we want them to give proof of what they said.

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  • 1 Spelunker // Nov 5, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    ‘geological balance of the clubs’

    Perhaps Fenglu Club will go underground?


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