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Size (Now?) Matters in Chinese Football

First, the Chinese Super League had a historic 30-minute halftime interval in all the five matches yesterday, a decision made by the CFA to counter match-fixing. The FA is yet to give the word whether they will make this a long-term policy.

During the 30 minutes interval at Shenyang Tiexi Stadium, supporters of Liaoning and Beijing Guo’an found out they didn’t really like each other, and had a fight after the match.

Second, according to Yangtze Evening News, a Nanjing paper, penis size is now a barometer in selecting young players at Tianjin Locomotive Football Club. Looking at a boy’s penis size and shape can give you an idea of his hormone level, revealed a senior staffer of the club. Boys with short, thick genitals and tight scrotum are good for football playing. 囧

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  1. Jason #

    no matter what you do, China soccer team! you suck!! The ground is not a place to show your Kung fu kick or lay down like a bed in your room. Play SOCCER okay?

    November 15, 2010
  2. yalu #

    i want to be a football (soccer)player!!!!!!!!!

    June 11, 2011

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