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Chinese Basketball Association plans to set up player’s association, but questions already arise

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CBA players will have their rights protected under the soon to be established player's union (Xinhua).

CBA players will have their rights protected under the soon to be established player’s union (Xinhua).

Professional sports is evolving in China and the Chinese Basketball Association has been no stranger to this movement. Since its inaugural season in 1995, the league has seen expansion, increased sponsorship and a number of domestic and foreign import players make names for themselves.

Now, the CBA will take another step in its professional evolution as it plans to establish its own player’s association.

No further details have been released as of yet, but the union is expected to “to protect the rights of CBA players.”

The CBA’s version of the player’s association will be somewhat similar to that of the NBA’s, with one of the differences being that the CBA’s union will be apart of the league structure instead of being independent.

While this a step that is needed for the continued growth of the professional game in China, there are some questions that the league will need to answer as this union gets up and running.

One of the main questions that needs to be answered by league officials is how much of a say will this union have in protecting player’s rights? While team owners and the league will most certainly not have to worry about a player strike, it will be interesting to see how far the players will be able to go in exercising their rights in terms of forming such things like a collective bargaining agreement – a contract signed between league owners and the player’s association (if it is ever allowed).

Another question connected with this issue is whether the players will be able to bring in their own legal representation when handling matters with the CBA? Lastly, while each team will have one player represent them in any meetings with the league, will those players be allowed to form their own executive committee with one of them being the collective voice?

Other issues that should be considered during the course of the formation of the union is whether players will be allowed to file grievances, appeal any fines or suspensions, and most importantly, receive proper legal advice when handling payment disputes with teams.

Again, it is still too early to tell what the players will be allowed to do once this player’s association is formed, but this news is a positive step in what could improve the professionalism of the league. If it works out, perhaps other leagues in China could follow suit.

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  1. Josh #

    hi how difficult is the practice when you play a sport in China like is your coach very strict or very nice

    March 4, 2015

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