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The Marathon Boom in China Just a Beginning

If it weren't for the anti-Japanese protests on September 18 in 2012, Shenzhen would have hosted its first marathon a year ago. As in many other cities, the sports bosses in China’s southern boomtown saw a need to bring in an international long-distance running event. So after two years of preparation, the Shenzhen International Marathon was delivered on December 8, attracting over 5,000 runners.

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Following China’s Defeat to Oman, Top Priorities for the CFA

Chinese football hit a new low on June 23 as the national U-23 squad were beaten 1-3 in Muscat by their Omanian peers and lost 1-4 on aggregate in 2012 London Olympic Games qualifiers. The defeat marks not only the most short-lived U-23 team in the history of Chinese football, but also could make Miroslav Blažević, the acclaimed Croat coach, the most short-serving national team manager since the Communist Revolution after only two competitive matches of coaching.

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PHOTOS: NFL’s Ed Wang Running Football Practice in Shanghai

Offensive lineman Ed Wang is making an impact with local Chinese students through clinics.

Members of the Sea Dragons worked on tackling maneuvers, ball handling techniques and running drills. China's first and only local all-Chinese American football team, comprised of primary school students in Shanghai, could have just as easily been going through a regular practice. But this time, the young football players were taking their queues from Ed Wang, the Buffalo Bills offensive lineman, and the only player in the NFL with full Chinese ancestry.

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On Zhou Yang And Who To Thank

The whole who-to-thank saga revolving Olympic gold-medalist skater Zhou Yang and her family went a little crazy last friday, as Zhou's mother found herself besieged by questions beyond any stretch of her imagination. From Youku Buzz:

In this candid record provided by one Youku Paike, Zhou’s mother was surrounded by media reporters, pushing for explanations on why her daughter only thought about parents but not THE country. (Youku Paike’s camera was fixed on Zhou’s parents, and only recorded surrounding reporters’ voices.)

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In the Mood for Anniversary

Every morning I am waked up by the PLA soldiers in our community. It's been going like this for a month. Each day, they begin with three songs at 7:30. Exactly 7:30, not a minute early or a minute late. After breakfast, around 9:00, another three songs. Then two more before lunch time, at around 11:50.

They also sing in the afternoons. Sometimes around 17:00, their voices would blend with Mr.Kenny G's "Going Home" played through a loudspeaker in a nearby kindergarten, a song gained its ubiquitous popularity in the People's Republic since the early 1990s. It's a completely surreal mix.

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