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The Marathon Boom in China Just a Beginning

If it weren't for the anti-Japanese protests on September 18 in 2012, Shenzhen would have hosted its first marathon a year ago. As in many other cities, the sports bosses in China’s southern boomtown saw a need to bring in an international long-distance running event. So after two years of preparation, the Shenzhen International Marathon was delivered on December 8, attracting over 5,000 runners.

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Marathons Postponed for Some Reasons

As the Diaoyu /Senkaku Islands dispute continues, runners in Shanghai are feeling the heat. On Sept 11, the Shanghai government decided to postpone the Shanghai International Marathon, a sporting event that Torey, a Japanese chemical firm, has been sponsoring for the past 16 years.

The local government may think by having a Japanese title sponsor, the marathon would not serve China's national interest and wouldn't make themselves look good in their positions jockeying before 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

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