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Is China’s Continued Dominance At Table Tennis Their Fault?

Victories by Zhang Jike in the men’s singles and Guo Yue and Liu Xiaoxia in the women’s doubles brought the recent edition of the World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, Holland to a close. Once again, China made a clean sweep of all medals that were on offer at the biennial event organized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

While retaining the titles was a great achievement for the Chinese national team, the question of whether China’s dominance of the sport arises again throughout the table tennis community. Since 2005, China has held possession of all the titles in the sport with Austrian Werner Schlager temporarily breaking the dominance in 2003 by winning the men’s singles title.

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China’s Dominance Unshakable in 2009 World Table Tennis Championships

China's table tennis team continued its winning fashion in the 2009 World Championships in Yokohama. The team, which claimed all the four golds in the Beijing Games, dampened competitors' title expectations by securing all the semi-final seats in the tournament.

Li Ping and Cao Zhen defeated Mu Zi and Zhang Jike to win the mixed doubles title on Sunday, while Wang Hao and Chen Qi, the no.1 seeds, edged out compatriots Ma Long and Xu Xin to win the men's doubles. Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia won the country's 11th successive victory in the women's doubles.

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China to Restart Its Badminton League in 2009

Chinese Badminton Association once formed a league back in 1999, which went down in 2003 due to a failure of generating profits. Aside from international matches organized by Badminton World Federation, local players in China nationwide now can only play in two tournaments organized annually by the association: National Champions Tournament and National Tournament, which is, no doubt, far from good for the development of young talents.

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