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The Marathon Boom in China Just a Beginning

If it weren't for the anti-Japanese protests on September 18 in 2012, Shenzhen would have hosted its first marathon a year ago. As in many other cities, the sports bosses in China’s southern boomtown saw a need to bring in an international long-distance running event. So after two years of preparation, the Shenzhen International Marathon was delivered on December 8, attracting over 5,000 runners.

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Li Ning Caught In The Middle

On May 24, Li Ning announced the resignations of three senior executives – COO Guo Jianxin, Chief Marketing Officer Fang Shiwei, and Director of E-commerce Lin Li. A source blamed the exodus on the failed campaign.

That same day, Li Ning's Hong Kong-listed shares declined 8.4 percent. The stock has continued losing ground ever since, falling to HK$ 13.38 on June 9, far below the past year's peak of HK$ 29.35. The company's market capitalization has declined more than HK$ 16.8 billion

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Action Sports And Sport Participation in China

Thoughtful China has a very interesting video discussion lately on action sports and sports participation in China that really worth checking out.

In the video, Harvey Davis, vice president at ESPN’s Events Management Group, reckons that "these [action] sports are now recognized in China as real sports, with real committees and real organizations reporting up to the top government organizations in Beijing" and concluded that as "one of the biggest things for the growth of sport in China." With that comes, as in the case of Shanghainese BMX rider Shen Jian and his friends, a clash of interest between government organization and athletes/brands.

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Li Ning to Open First Store in the US

Chinese sportswear maker Li Ning is to open its first store in the US on January 4 next year, according to Li Ning Sports USA, its US subsidiary's recent Facebook page update:

It's official.......Come visit the first Li-Ning retail store in Portland on 1/4! We will be open Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm. E-commerce is coming soon at

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Li Ning Signs 5-year Deal with Yelena Isinbayeva

Chinese sportswear manufacturer Li Ning on Monday signed a 5-year sponsorship deal with Yelena Isinbayeva, two-time Olympic pole vault gold medalist and world record holder. The lucrative deal is reportedly worth $ 1.5 million USD annually, the best endorsement offer a company ever made on the track circuit.

Yelena Isinbayeva set a new pole vault world record of 5.05 meters at the Beijing Olympic Games, and the 26-year-old told press earlier that she wanted to clear 5.20 meters by the end of her career. Yelena started Pole Vault with Evgenii Vasilievich Trofimov in 1997 and ended in November 2005. She's now coached by Vitalii Afanasievich Petrov.

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Chinese Super League Unbanned by CCTV

China's FA told media on Feb. 13 that CCTV, the country's main TV broadcaster, will continue to air Chinese Super League (CSL) in 2009, after a 3-match ban since the 28 round of the 2008 Season. In an interview with a Chinese sports journal last November , Jiang Heping, the head of CCTV's sports channel accused players of lacking "professional ethics", and decided to cut all reporting related with the league since then

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ANTA Sports Signs No.1 Tennis Player Jelena Jankovic

ANTA Sports Products Limited, the Fujian-based Chinese sportswear maker, signed a deal on Jan 18 with the top ranked female tennis player "JJ" Jelena Jankovic. The historic deal clearly marks the company's ambition to go global, a very good branding move especially compared with Li Ning, who last year signed a two-year contract with the third-tier NBA player Damon Jones, the then Cleveland Cavaliers' guard now playing for Milwaukee Bucks.

Jelena previously collaborated with Reebok before penned the deal with the Chinese company. Famous for her explosive forehands and powerful straight backhands, the Serb had a taste in No.1 for WTA on 11 August, 2008. With a record of 65 wins and 19 losses in the season of 2008, Jelena is the 18th WTA tennis player who ranked the first in women's single, and she has become world No. 1 women's tennis player since 6 October, 2008.

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