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Liu Xiang Wins 110 Hurdles at Asian Champs

Liu returned to hurdles in 2009 at Shanghai Grand Prix and won gold at the Asian Games in Guangzhou last November. He won at the Shanghai Diamond League this spring by clocking 13.07 over David Oliver in May, and the American took revenge at Liu in Eugene, Oregon a month later in 12.94 seconds.

Liu changed his starting strategy by cutting eight to seven steps in running to the first hurdle earlier this year. He is to compete in 2011 World Championships in Athletics next month in Daegu, South Korea.

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How Much Does the Guangzhou Asian Games Cost?

Our translation of a story on yesterday's Guangzhou Daily about the expenditure on the Guangzhou Games:

"It's unacceptable to just spend money on the Asian Games without telling the Guangzhou People's Congress Standing Committee (GPCSC) how much the expenditure!"

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If You Build it, They Won’t Come

An op-ed on how despite the rise in sporting venues throughout China, the country's sports stadiums remain empty once the lights fade and the games conclude.

There is no question that large, global sporting events can help change the image of a city. Governments use the spectacles as a means to redevelop or invest further in a city’s infrastructure. South Africa proposed a nine billion rand — or about 1.7 billion USD — budget on city infrastructure projects for next year’s World Cup. According to the Beijing Organizing Committee, the 2008 Olympic Games saw about 60 billion USD invested in city-wide infrastructure projects, which included new stadium venues for the sporting events.

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One Year to the Asian Games, Guangzhou Still Not Getting There

Just back from a reporting trip in Guangzhou, not for the Asian Games if you're wondering. But four days of staying there made me think that the city is far from ready to host the Games.

Here's a piece that I did for the Global Times about its unreadiness and, in case you don't have time, my points below as to where the city can further improve itself:

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China to Host Pentathlon World Championships in 2010

Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan Province, is to host the Modern Pentathlon World Championships next summer from Aug.10 to 16. The construction of the 370,000-square-meter China Pentathlon Competition Center kicked off yesterday in Shuangliu County in the city, where the combination of pistol shooting, running, swimming, horse jumping and fencing will be played.

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China Sports Review Weekly Roundup

Most team members of Chongqing Daping Middle School football team, which won the 21th World Schools Championship in Turkey, have been found out to be pro footballers.

Gao Hongbo was named as new coach of China Men's Soccer Team, the youngest man to take the helm in 30 years.

Bernie Ecclestone backs the future of Shanghai GP...

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Cheerleader China

But this is about a team that is in the midst of redesigning its identity and turning the best dance team in the country into its most professional. This is about a group of women that show an unconditional love for dance when they step out on the floor, giving nothing less than everything in the name of teamwork. This is about working the hardest, training the most and truly understanding what dedication means. It is not about Cho, but about the women she is training and the future she wants for them.

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Lacking Sponsors, Guangzhou Asks Beijing for Help on the 2010 Asian Games

"No one can avoid the influence of this economic crisis, and we are no exception," Zhang Guangning, the mayor of Guangzhou in China's Guangdong province told media recently. "We have some difficulties in developing stadiums and finding sponsors," said the mayor. The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games (2010广州年亚运会) will need 50 stadiums, 20 training facilities and 10 back-up stadiums, of which 12 new stadiums are to be built. The city will also kick off new infrastructure projects including a train station and speedways connecting the stadiums.

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