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Fourteen Years And Counting; The Legacy Of Liu Wei In Shanghai

When you walk around the Yuanshen, you quickly realize that this is Yao Ming's house. His image adorns the walls, the banners and the advertisements, whilst his retired jersey hangs from the rafters. During home games, Yao watches from his private box up high in the arena, looking down on players and fans alike like an emperor.

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Top 10 Chinese Sports News in 2008

The year of 2008 is by all means an extraordinary year for Chinese sports, not merely because the country's performance in the Beijing Olympics, there're actually so much more interesting things beyond that if we comb back closely, either about its sports administration and regime, or some government policies that may shape the sector in the future.

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Age Scandal Continues, Yi Jianlian Proved To Be Three Years Older

China Sports Review previously told you about the age scandal over Chinese basketball and football players. Li Zhigang, a reporter from Sports Illustrated China, posted an article on his blog yesterday about the investigation over Yi Jianlian's age. Yi, now playing at the New Jersey Nets, entered NBA in 2007/2008 season.

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Beijing Hoop Dreams

Dan Chung made this wonderful video about Wang Chenyang, a student at Wang Fei Basketball Training Camp at Shi Dai High School (h/t Danwei).  Dan is a photographer at the Guardian.


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CBA Players And Myth About The Ages Of Chinese Women Gymnasts

If someone digs, age-scandal stories of this kind can be found in almost every football clubs in the country. The reason no one gives a hoot about it is because Chinese football has been lying there in a perennial slumber for so long. And oh, by Chinese football we mean men's national football team. If you look at the performances of Chinese U17 or U20 men's team you'll find they're actually not as bad as their elders, the U17 team even made it to the quarter-finals of FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2005 in Peru. This suggests that the pace, strength, stamina of these 'boys' outruned their foreign peers at the time. The bad news for Chinese footballers is their peers do grow, and we all know what can be expected later.

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The Battle Between Fenglu Club And The Chinese Basketball Association

Guangdong Fenglu Aluminum Basketball Club (Fenglu, 广东凤铝铝业男子篮球俱乐部), founded in November 2006 by Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium Co.,Ltd, yesterday on November 2 made a statement about the club's decision to quit Chinese Basketball Association(CBA, 中国篮球协会), governing body of Chinese basketball which is also the name of China's premier professional basketball league. Below are some excerpts from the club's statement...

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