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New Policy Change Could Catapult Sports in China

We'd be remiss if not to report about China's latest sports reform measures. The message first sent out on Sept 3 on CCTV's most watched news show, the Xinwen Lianbo. To everyone's surprise, the show aired exactly four minutes and eleven seconds of a State Council meeting on China's industry of sports.

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Wang Meng’s Expulsion Puts the Short Track Speed Skating Team in a Spotlight They Would Prefer not be In

At the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, short track speed skater Wang Meng became the talk of the sports world after claiming her third gold medal in the women’s 1,000 meter event. Like fellow gold medalists Yang Yang, who was the first Chinese athlete to win a gold medal at the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City, Wang became the face of China’s winter sports program. This also gave the Heilongjiang native the status as the country's most decorated Winter Olympics athlete. To top off her accomplishments over the last year, Wang was awarded the Female Athlete of the Year award at the 2010 CCTV Sports Personality Awards ceremony.

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Purge Exposes Rotten Underbelly of Chinese Sport

When Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger visited Beijing last summer, there was one question in his mind. At a press conference, he asked the moderator, Huang Jianxiang, a well-known local football commentator, why China, with so many people, lacked a first-rate football team.

The question was laughed off by the commentator, who replied that it was because “We never had a coach like you.”

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What’s with China’s National Games?

For those of you not familiar, China's National Games is held every four years in the country since 1975, when the Cultural Revolution was coming to an end. This year the 11th National Games will be held in Shandong Province, from October 16th to 28th. Every four years, the best players in national teams go back to their hometowns to win glory for their provincial teams.

There are 46 teams participating this time: 4 municipality teams, 22 provincial teams, 5 autonomous region teams and the People's Liberation Army team. The PLA is a big player every time. Also on the list are some sports association teams for certain industries such as aviation, forestry, communication, etc., who participate just for the sake of participating. The Games can usually tell you who will compete in the next Olympics. So if you're thinking about the London 2012, better keep an eye on these new Chinese champions.

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Beijing Games the Most Watched

The Times reports that the Beijing Olympics set a world TV record as the most watched live event in human history by attracting more than 1 bln TV audience:

The opening ceremony at last year’s Olympic Games in China was the most watched live event in human history, outstripping the moon landings, the funeral of Princess Diana and Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Sunday Times can reveal that the Beijing extravaganza, staged at the Bird’s Nest stadium on August 8, attracted the world’s first “genuine 1 billion” television audience, according to an authoritative report to be released tomorrow.

The report shows at least 593m people around the world, including 5m in Britain, watched the four-hour show in its entirety (the “average” audience), while 984m tuned in for part of it (the total audience or “reach”, which excludes those who watched in public places).

Sadly, at least 16 residential communities, ours included, were reportedly blacked out of that 593 million, who the authorities couldn’t care less about.


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Pirelli Signs Three-year Sponsorship Deal with Chinese Super League

Italian tyre maker Pirelli becomes the new CSL title sponsor this Friday after signing a three-year sponsorship deal with Chinese Football Association. "We're satisfied with Pirelli's offer and their brand will help boost CSL's image," said Zhang Lu, vice president of Beijing Guo'an club, who helped facilitate the deal. The deal was reportedly worth 5 million euros (US $ 6.78 million) yearly but details remain undisclosed by the two parties.

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Chinese Super League Unbanned by CCTV

China's FA told media on Feb. 13 that CCTV, the country's main TV broadcaster, will continue to air Chinese Super League (CSL) in 2009, after a 3-match ban since the 28 round of the 2008 Season. In an interview with a Chinese sports journal last November , Jiang Heping, the head of CCTV's sports channel accused players of lacking "professional ethics", and decided to cut all reporting related with the league since then

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Chinese to Enjoy English Premier League for Free? (Update)

That might be possible from 2010. According to a latest Bloomberg article, some non-media companies may bid for the next 3-year Chinese television broadcasting rights to EPL after the contract runs out with WinTV, a pay-per-view channel run by state-owned Guangdong Provincial Television. And where to watch next? CCTV. Below are some excerpts...

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Lip-syncing Girl out of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala (Update 1)

According to West China Metropolitan News, a Chengdu-based newspaper, Lin Miaoke, the lip-syncing girl in the Olympic opening ceremony, was deprived of her chance to perform on CCTV New Year's Gala or chunwan, a TV program hosted by China's main television broadcaster, reaching hundreds of millions Chinese families on each and every Spring Festival eve of China's lunar new year.

The New Year's Gala, aside from the nostalgia and joy it brings to the audience, can also serve as a generator of national pride. In 2008 and 2004, the program peaked with China's Shenzhou astronauts coming out to meet the audience when the new year bell rang. And Beijing Olympics will be, without doubt, another big boost to the national pride of the people, and it wouldn't surprise us at all should the show feature some Olympic gold medalists this year.

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NFL Cancels China Bowl, Again

This is actually the second cancellation of the NFL China game this year. The 2008 game, which scheduled for August 9 between New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, was called off by NFL this April, with the reason that they wanted to concentrate their "global resources" on next October's regular season game in London.

NFL China has been concentrating on developing grassroots fans in local colleges by staging various events and also marketing themselves on TV and the Internet. Chinese fans can now watch games on CCTV and Shanghai TV, and a live game is also available once a week on, a major Chinese web portal.

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