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China Impresses at Asian Cup, Turn Around in Football Fortunes Could be Around the Corner

It wasn't the way that China's men's national team wanted to exit the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, but a 2-0 defeat in the quarterfinals to host Australia eliminated them from the tournament and they will now head back home. Despite the setback, this is a team that supporters in Australia and back in the Middle Kingdom can certainly be proud of as they look ahead to the qualification process for the 2018 World Cup.

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China’s Grassroots Football Development Gets Intensive In Beijing West

Party newspaper Beijing Daily reports that some 23 thousand students in Beijing's Yanqing county will all play football at school.

The county's education committee and sports bureau jointly issued a plan this week to promote school football project in the region. According to the plan, all students in elementary schools in Yanqing will be given a football and every class in senior high schools will receive theirs.

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Takeaways from Stanojevic’s Sacking Saga at Beijing Guoan

The news came yesterday that Beijing Guoan, the capital side in Chinese Super League, have been brewing to sack manager Aleksandar Stanojević. It was a shocking decision because the club just extended the Serbian trainer's contract by another two years on September 18, exactly three months ago.

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The Ambassador and the Future of CN Football

A busy week began for David Beckham, who was recently appointed as Chinese football’s first-ever ambassador, at an elementary school yesterday in Beijing. The former England captain received gifts from schoolgirls, learned to write his nickname in Chinese calligraphy, and talked to media at a press conference in the school auditorium that was aired live on CCTV, the national broadcaster.

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FC Barcelona and China Find Hope in Each Other

FC Barcelona, the club who plays the most beautiful football in the world, is building its success in China, and they're approaching the market in a way that no other club has done before.

Last month, Sandro Rosell, Barça's new president, was traveling in China with his colleagues. Unlike others, their trip was not about friendly games or cooperation with local clubs, but laying down guanxi with Chinese politicians and clenching a business deal with a giant Internet firm.

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Following China’s Defeat to Oman, Top Priorities for the CFA

Chinese football hit a new low on June 23 as the national U-23 squad were beaten 1-3 in Muscat by their Omanian peers and lost 1-4 on aggregate in 2012 London Olympic Games qualifiers. The defeat marks not only the most short-lived U-23 team in the history of Chinese football, but also could make Miroslav Blažević, the acclaimed Croat coach, the most short-serving national team manager since the Communist Revolution after only two competitive matches of coaching.

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Italian Super Cup Derby: A Ticket Scalper’s Dream, An Organizer’s Headache

Inter Milan’s 3-1 victory over Serie A counterpart Palermo has filled the final spot for the other participant in this summer’s Italian Super Cup, which will be returning to Beijing. This year’s curtain-raiser to the 2011/12 Serie A season is going to be a treat for Chinese supporters of Italian football as this season’s champion AC Milan will take on their eternal rivals for the first time on the Asian continent.

The Milan derby has always been one of the most highly charged and most anticipated matches on the Serie A schedule. The history between the two Italian giants reads like a movie with action, drama, comedy and suspense all rolled into one. If Halley’s Comet is only visible from earth every 75 years, then Chinese supporters will be in for a treat this summer for this is one of the rarest events to occur outside of Italy.

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Size (Now?) Matters in Chinese Football

According to Yangtze Evening News, a Nanjing paper, penis size is now a barometer in selecting young players at Tianjin Locomotive Football Club. Looking at a boy's penis size and shape can give you an idea of his hormone level, revealed a senior staffer of the club. Boys with short, thick genitals and tight scrotum are good for football playing. 囧

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Purge Exposes Rotten Underbelly of Chinese Sport

When Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger visited Beijing last summer, there was one question in his mind. At a press conference, he asked the moderator, Huang Jianxiang, a well-known local football commentator, why China, with so many people, lacked a first-rate football team.

The question was laughed off by the commentator, who replied that it was because “We never had a coach like you.”

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How China’s Transfer Rules Made Footballers Untransferable

I was overly optimistic towards the future of Chinese football players. Though this year saw a few of them found jobs outside the country, almost all footballers still find their rights trampled by the country's backward transfer rules.

As the transfer window reopened by Chinese FA on June 25, 121 players from 29 football clubs have been transfer listed and 13 others are listed as available for loan. A majority of them, if not all, are fringe players who haven't played first-team football for a long time.

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