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Mysterious Death of Former Jiangsu Dragons Coach Jason Rabedeaux Covered in ESPN the Magazine Feature Story

American basketball coach Jason Rabedeaux is someone that many Chinese basketball fans may not recall, but he did have a connection to the country as he coached the Jiangsu Dragons in the Chinese Basketball Association for a couple of season. The Illinois-born and Wisconsin-raised man had a promising coaching career ahead him, but tragedy would strike while he was on a coaching stint in Vietnam and he would pass away at just 49 years old. In a new edition of U.S. publication ESPN the Magazine, writer Wright Thompson covers the story surrounding the mysterious death of Rabedeaux who spent a long time trying to overcome personal problems.

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Suffering From World Cup Fever? A Fake Sick Note Is Just A Click Away

The 2014 FIFA World Cup got underway in the early hours of Friday in China and no doubt many of those who stayed up to watch the opening match are feeling exhausted as they headed into work.

But fear not friends. There is a solution!

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‘Niu’ Year For Chinese Snowboarders

Apparently Mellow Parks Construction — China’s experts for all things snowboarding — never bothered to check the calendar when they released its Magnum opus Nov. 14. For the snowboarding community both in China and around the world, the New Year comes six weeks early with the release of “Happy Niu Year,” a film documenting some of the most exciting riding in the People’s Republic to date.

“It is helping to put China on the map as far as the world snowboarding community is concerned,” said Olli Fenwick-Ross, marketing director for Mellow Parks. “People know the Nanshan Open now, but they don’t know what else is happening here. This film is reaching a broader audience, to show there are good snowboarders here in China.”

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Becoming China’s First NFL Kicker

“Steve” Yue Wang’s eyes light up when you talk football. He doesn’t have any favorite players or memorable moments, either from watching or playing. He can’t rattle off any statistics. He’s never really played the game. These are all things the average American has done if they’re into football.

But Wang isn’t American. He just knows he enjoys football.

“I know the game of soccer, but it isn’t worth it anymore,” says Wang. “I am tired of playing [soccer]. Football is so new, and it is just different.”

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Building Snowboarding from the Peak Down

“Snowboarding in China is never going to be the way it is in Europe or the United States,” says Steve Zdarsky, the man who runs Mellow Constructions in China. “Every year I say snowboarding is going to take off, but not too many kids start this sport every year. China is more like Russia, where only the wealthy can afford to do a sport like this.”

There is a hint of bitterness in Zdarsky’s voice despite the optimism he and the others who run the Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park, a ski resort about 40 minutes north of Beijing, have for snowboarding in the People’s Republic.

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