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Following China’s Defeat to Oman, Top Priorities for the CFA

Chinese football hit a new low on June 23 as the national U-23 squad were beaten 1-3 in Muscat by their Omanian peers and lost 1-4 on aggregate in 2012 London Olympic Games qualifiers. The defeat marks not only the most short-lived U-23 team in the history of Chinese football, but also could make Miroslav Blažević, the acclaimed Croat coach, the most short-serving national team manager since the Communist Revolution after only two competitive matches of coaching.

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Purge Exposes Rotten Underbelly of Chinese Sport

When Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger visited Beijing last summer, there was one question in his mind. At a press conference, he asked the moderator, Huang Jianxiang, a well-known local football commentator, why China, with so many people, lacked a first-rate football team.

The question was laughed off by the commentator, who replied that it was because “We never had a coach like you.”

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Match-fixing Impossible and Groundless

Deputy sports minister Xiao Tian (肖天) lost his temper on Thursday when denying the accusation and addressing the fact that a pair of divers with obviously smaller splash did not win.

“You can’t say it had been fucking fixed, it’s fucking fake, just because you lost,” Xiao told a news conference on Thursday, which was widely reported by local media.

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Chinese Super League Unbanned by CCTV

China's FA told media on Feb. 13 that CCTV, the country's main TV broadcaster, will continue to air Chinese Super League (CSL) in 2009, after a 3-match ban since the 28 round of the 2008 Season. In an interview with a Chinese sports journal last November , Jiang Heping, the head of CCTV's sports channel accused players of lacking "professional ethics", and decided to cut all reporting related with the league since then

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China May Juguo Its Professional Football League, Well, Not That Professional

Beijing Youth Daily (北京青年报) yesterday published an impressive article about the future of China's professional football league. The General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) and the Chinese Football Association (CFA) are currently considering taking back the ownership of football clubs from companies to local sports bureaus, a move clearly trying to put Chinese football under its controversial juguo or whole-nation sports regime.

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The Battle Between Fenglu Club And The Chinese Basketball Association

Guangdong Fenglu Aluminum Basketball Club (Fenglu, 广东凤铝铝业男子篮球俱乐部), founded in November 2006 by Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium Co.,Ltd, yesterday on November 2 made a statement about the club's decision to quit Chinese Basketball Association(CBA, 中国篮球协会), governing body of Chinese basketball which is also the name of China's premier professional basketball league. Below are some excerpts from the club's statement...

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China to Restart Its Badminton League in 2009

Chinese Badminton Association once formed a league back in 1999, which went down in 2003 due to a failure of generating profits. Aside from international matches organized by Badminton World Federation, local players in China nationwide now can only play in two tournaments organized annually by the association: National Champions Tournament and National Tournament, which is, no doubt, far from good for the development of young talents.

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