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NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets to Wear Special Edition Uniforms for Chinese Lunar New Year

The National Basketball Association, unlike other American sports organizations, has had huge success in China over the past 30 years. Now, two of its teams will honor their fans across the Pacific Ocean with special edition uniforms for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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Jeremy Lin Becomes The New Star in Sports Mad New York City

Almost any professional athlete can tell you that it is not easy to satisfy your supporters wherever you may play. That is certainly a fact for any athlete that has ever played in New York City, one of the biggest markets for professional sports in America. No matter if you are a fan of the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League or any of the teams based in the northeast US State, only one thing matters and that is winning.

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Yao Ming’s Imminent Retirement Does Not Spell Death for the NBA in China

The imminent retirement of Houston Rockets’ center Yao Ming comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Shanghai native’s career from his early beginnings in the game. Persistent injuries over the past few seasons have allowed the towering center to only play in a handful of games. Coming off of his most recent injury, a stress fracture of his ankle, may have put the writing on the wall for the former Shanghai Sharks star.

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Yao Ming’s Legacy Will Shine Though China Sport

When the lanky Shanghainese first landed in Houston in 2002, few expected him to achieve what he now stands for. In his nine seasons of playing in the NBA, Yao Ming averaged 19 points, 9.2 rebounds per game. Yet his contribution to basketball and the NBA cannot be told by these stats, as Yao basically globalized the sport more than anyone in history.

The news came out yesterday from Yahoo Sports that the 7-foot-6 player is to retire soon due to left foot and ankle injury, which already cost him the past two seasons. Yao's injury was a typical result of over-playing. Since the 2004 Athens Games, the "Moving-Great Wall" constantly found himself moving over the Pacific Ocean to reunite with his Chinese teammates for glories in the Asian Champs, the Olympics after at least four surgeries.

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Yao Not Owner of Shanghai Sharks

According to the Shanghai Daily, NBA basketball star Yao Ming is not the owner of the Shanghai Sharks, the Chinese star's former team, and he has not been guaranteed ownership of the team.

The newspaper reported that while Yao's management group, Team Yao, has been signed on as an "entrusted investor" for the next five years, the basketball player is officially not an owner.

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