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The CBA Finals Marred By Foul Play Instruction

It could be another classic game in the history of the CBA, when the Beijing Ducks, with the help of Stephon Marbury, arguably the best import ever in the league, challenges the Guangdong Southern Tigers, which won seven out of eight recent finals. But what happened in Game 1 of the finals turned out to be a disgrace for Chinese basketball.

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The CBA All-Star Weekend, Still a Disappointing Knockoff

There's a moment of awkwardness after Wang Zhizhi trying to reach out to the audience through his microphone. "Ni Men Jiu Shi Rong Yu," the Bayi Rockets center shouted. It looked Wang, the first Chinese to have played in the NBA, knew too that what he was speaking was weird. The words basically mean "you are glory" in English. But when it get translated into Chinese, it took a moment for people to get it, as rarely did they hear someone says that. It sounded more like English but the big man was actually speaking in your language. My friend gave me an awkward laugh and blushed when Wang finished. And we both thought it was not his idea to say that.

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