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Liu Xiang Leaves Stellar Legacy for Chinese Track and Field as He Announces Retirement

The day was certainly going to come and no one should have been surprised when Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang announced his retirement from athletics in a Weibo post on Tuesday. While the news of the Shanghai native calling time on his career may be sad, he has undoubtedly left a dazzling legacy that China's up-and-coming track stars will try to emulate.

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Watching the London Olympics in Beijing

In 2008, China staged a lavish opening ceremony that stunned the world with its precision and pyrotechnics. Four years later, Chinese impressions of the far quirkier London Games may surprise you.

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Beijing Games the Most Watched

The Times reports that the Beijing Olympics set a world TV record as the most watched live event in human history by attracting more than 1 bln TV audience:

The opening ceremony at last year’s Olympic Games in China was the most watched live event in human history, outstripping the moon landings, the funeral of Princess Diana and Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Sunday Times can reveal that the Beijing extravaganza, staged at the Bird’s Nest stadium on August 8, attracted the world’s first “genuine 1 billion” television audience, according to an authoritative report to be released tomorrow.

The report shows at least 593m people around the world, including 5m in Britain, watched the four-hour show in its entirety (the “average” audience), while 984m tuned in for part of it (the total audience or “reach”, which excludes those who watched in public places).

Sadly, at least 16 residential communities, ours included, were reportedly blacked out of that 593 million, who the authorities couldn’t care less about.


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China’s Dominance Unshakable in 2009 World Table Tennis Championships

China's table tennis team continued its winning fashion in the 2009 World Championships in Yokohama. The team, which claimed all the four golds in the Beijing Games, dampened competitors' title expectations by securing all the semi-final seats in the tournament.

Li Ping and Cao Zhen defeated Mu Zi and Zhang Jike to win the mixed doubles title on Sunday, while Wang Hao and Chen Qi, the no.1 seeds, edged out compatriots Ma Long and Xu Xin to win the men's doubles. Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia won the country's 11th successive victory in the women's doubles.

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Beijing Olympics Made $ 16 Million Profit?

It could actually be more, according to Jiang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Jiang, a newly appointed deputy director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of CPPCC, the country's political advisory body, told press on May 4 that the Beijing Games made a profit of at least $16 million USD.

"The total spending of the Beijing Olympics is on par with that of the 2004 Athens Games. We're able to exceed the original target as the sponsors were so good," said Jiang, "the Games made a profit of at least $ 16 million USD after deducting $ 1.609 bn USD of spending from the income of $ 1.625 bn USD."

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Michael Phelps’ Video Apology to Chinese Fans

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps yesterday on Feb. 11 issued a video apology customized to his Chinese fans.  The eight gold medals winner at the Beijing Olympic was caught somking marijuana during a student party by a British newspaper. 

Phelps has already signed endorsement deals with brands including Speedo swimwear, Omega watches, Visa Inc, Subway sandwiches and Hilton Hotels Corp and Rosetta Stone. Kellogg, the world’s largest cereal maker, said on last Thursday that they will not extend a contract with him.

The American swimmer just inked a seven-figure endorsement deal with Mazda this January to be their spokesperson of Mazda 6 model. And DMG Entertainment, the company who brokered the deal told media they’re standing with Michael. 

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Lip-syncing Girl out of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala (Update 1)

According to West China Metropolitan News, a Chengdu-based newspaper, Lin Miaoke, the lip-syncing girl in the Olympic opening ceremony, was deprived of her chance to perform on CCTV New Year's Gala or chunwan, a TV program hosted by China's main television broadcaster, reaching hundreds of millions Chinese families on each and every Spring Festival eve of China's lunar new year.

The New Year's Gala, aside from the nostalgia and joy it brings to the audience, can also serve as a generator of national pride. In 2008 and 2004, the program peaked with China's Shenzhou astronauts coming out to meet the audience when the new year bell rang. And Beijing Olympics will be, without doubt, another big boost to the national pride of the people, and it wouldn't surprise us at all should the show feature some Olympic gold medalists this year.

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Top 10 Chinese Sports News in 2008

The year of 2008 is by all means an extraordinary year for Chinese sports, not merely because the country's performance in the Beijing Olympics, there're actually so much more interesting things beyond that if we comb back closely, either about its sports administration and regime, or some government policies that may shape the sector in the future.

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Baijiu Branding, Olympic Style

Shanghaiist had for us some ‘swellfun' last month. Now the Guizhou-based Kweichow Moutai Co. seems to have come up with a new way of baijiu branding by adding a little Olympic flavor into their drinks.

The company, producing probably the most renowned Chinese liquor, or baijiu, collaborated with the Beijing National Aquatics Center Co., Ltd for their high-end water cube liquor. He Kexin, the disputed Beijing Olympic champion, received a limited edition of this Water Gube Wine with some other winners at the press conference.

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China’s Women Boxing Going for Golds in London

"The only one I need to get now is the Olympic gold medal - I've done everything else in amateur boxing," Katie Taylor, 22, told the Irish Times after returning home from the 5th AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships in Ningbo, China's Zhejiang Province. "It is my dream to be an Olympic champion so hopefully my dreams can come true in four years time." The Olympic dream of this Irish boxer is shared in China. The recent Championships wrapped up in Ningbo saw China top the medal tally with 5 golds, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes, with another two boxers finishing at fifth place.

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