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English Premier League Broadcast Rights in China: Sina and Tencent both in for 2015/16 Season (update1)

On July 10, Sina, the previous exclusive digital broadcast rights owner of the English Premier League, and Tencent, owner of NBA's exclusive digital broadcast rights for the next five years, both announced bagging digital broadcast rights of the EPL for 2015/16 season.

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New Policy Change Could Catapult Sports in China

We'd be remiss if not to report about China's latest sports reform measures. The message first sent out on Sept 3 on CCTV's most watched news show, the Xinwen Lianbo. To everyone's surprise, the show aired exactly four minutes and eleven seconds of a State Council meeting on China's industry of sports.

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RUFF Not Getting it Right, And Here’s How They Can Improve

Your correspondent spent his last evening last night watching RUFF 11 and have some initial thoughts after the show. For those of you unfamiliar, RUFF is a Shanghai-based mix martial arts organization founded in 2007. While RUFF prides itself on being the first MMA organization sanctioned by China's national sports bureau, the show last night was far from convincing to be successful.

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