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Reviewing the 2012 Nike Festival of Sport

The second Nike Festival of Sport (FoW) took place in Shanghai last weekend. Brash, loud and invariably crowded, the inaugural event had a very Chinese feel to its organisation and this time around, the global sports giant was hoping for an event that had the same buzz and without the chaos.

Situated on the car parks and astroturf pitches surrounding the Shanghai stadium, things certainly felt neater and more thought-out than what had been predicted and from an accessibility point of view, there certainly didn’t seem to be any problems. Everything was sign posted and there seemed to be a clear line of communication between event organisers and the people coming to see the various events.

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Action Sports And Sport Participation in China

Thoughtful China has a very interesting video discussion lately on action sports and sports participation in China that really worth checking out.

In the video, Harvey Davis, vice president at ESPN’s Events Management Group, reckons that "these [action] sports are now recognized in China as real sports, with real committees and real organizations reporting up to the top government organizations in Beijing" and concluded that as "one of the biggest things for the growth of sport in China." With that comes, as in the case of Shanghainese BMX rider Shen Jian and his friends, a clash of interest between government organization and athletes/brands.

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F1 Boss Backs Shanghai GP

Red Bull Renault claimed their historic first victory yesterday as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber celebrated on podium in Shanghai GP. A source told us that the Chinese Grand Prix only sold 70 percent of its tickets despite the prices were cut nearly half than the previous year.

"The economic crisis has indeed affected the sport and we felt there's a need to adjust the prices," Jiang Lan(姜澜), general manager of the Juss Event Co Ltd, the organizer, told Qianjiang Evening News(钱江晚报), a Hangzhou-based paper, "Another reason is to help recruit more Chinese F1 fans."

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KIA X Games Asia 2009 to Hit Shanghai Again

This year the event will showcase more than 200 of the best action sports athletes from more than 20 countries in world-class competition in the sports of Skateboard, BMX, In-Line Skate and Sport Climbing. New to the Asian X Games, this year's event will also feature a Moto X Big Air demonstration. Televised live from Shanghai's KIC Jiangwan Stadium, X Games Asia will air May 1 - May 3 on ESPN Asia networks and will be organized by sports broadcaster ESPN STAR Sports along with the Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Sports Federation. The event will also be shown on ESPN International networks in Latin America, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

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Report Lost In Translation, Shanghai GP Likely to Stay

CSR told you earlier that China may drop its Grand Prix race in Shanghai after 2010 when the contract with F1 runs out . It seems this may not happen as Leon Sun, general manager of Juss Event Management (上海久事国际赛事管理有限公司), said the previous report was lost in translation.

"We’re doing the assessment. By next year we should be able to give you an answer," said Qiu Weichang (邱伟昌), deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of Sports. "Of course we would like at least to break even. But there are two factors - one is the assessment; the other part is the win-win situation that we can create."

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China May Drop F1 Race in Shanghai As Its Economy Slows

Chinese Grand Prix, hosted at the $450m Shanghai International Circuit since 2004, may see its end in 2010 when the contract with F1 expires.

"We're doing the assessment. By next year we should be able to give you an answer," Qiu Weichang, deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of Sports, told AFP on Thursday when asked about the future of the racing event. Early this month, Shanghai Grand Prix was announced by F1 to be rescheduled to play in April next year, a move, according to Chinese media, is to avoid clash with the ATP Masters Series next October.

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Chinese Women’s Ice Hockey Team Walking On Thin Ice

Chinese Women's Hockey Team continued their winning streak by beating Japanese Team 2-0 in Shanghai, securing themselves a shot of playing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics after three straight wins over Norway, Czech Republic and Japan. Ranked 8th in the world, the team consists of 19 players all coming from Harbin, the capital of China's northeastern Heilongjiang Province which is also known as "ice city" for its long and cold winter.

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SMP Skate Park Festival in Shanghai

SMP launched its 138,000 sq ft SMP Skatepark in October 2005, making it the biggest skatepark in the world by almost double. Located in Shanghai China, the park boasts the biggest vert ramp in the world, the biggest concrete bowl in the world, a 5000 - 7000 seat arena, plaza and beginners areas.

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