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Shenzhen Universiade Graft Cases

Liang Daoxing, former mayor of Shenzhen, was expelled from China’s communist party for “disciplinary violations and suspected of crimes”, according to the party disciplinary authorities in Guangdong. Liang’s downfall was linked with graft in 2011 Shenzhen Summer Universiad.

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What’s the Deal with These Stadiums?

Two years after renovaton, Beijing Mentougou Sports Center is now being demolished. The Mentougou district goverment plans to replace it with a bigger, fancier stadium.

First built in 1985, Mentougou Sports Center covers an area of 90,000 sqm and has a capacity of 4,000. According to Jinghua Times, a Beijing paper, the office building, track, football pitch and seats still looked fairly new.

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Beijing Olympics Made $ 16 Million Profit?

It could actually be more, according to Jiang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Jiang, a newly appointed deputy director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of CPPCC, the country's political advisory body, told press on May 4 that the Beijing Games made a profit of at least $16 million USD.

"The total spending of the Beijing Olympics is on par with that of the 2004 Athens Games. We're able to exceed the original target as the sponsors were so good," said Jiang, "the Games made a profit of at least $ 16 million USD after deducting $ 1.609 bn USD of spending from the income of $ 1.625 bn USD."

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Bird’s Nest to Host Italian Super Cup

The Lega Calcio, the governing body of Italian professional football leagues, signed a deal with Beijing Football Association on Feb.16 to have the 2009 Italian Super Cup played at China's National Stadium, or Bird's Nest, in Beijing on August 8.

The Italian Super Cup, or Supercoppa Italiana, is a season-opening match between the winners of the Serie A and the Coppa Italia in the previous season. The Cup match has been played three times outside of the country: Washington in 1993, Tripoli in 2002 and New York in 2003.

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Public or Private? National Sports Stadium Accused of Charging High Ticket Price

"We're very disappointed the National Sports Stadium doesn't sell half-price tickets to our seniors," said grey-haired Wang Huifu, 70. Some senior high and colleague students are, too, not cool with the price. "They don't offer half-price tickets. Is the 'bird's nest' still a public place?" Located in the Olympic Park, this RMB 3.1 trillion (roughly $ 454.45 million USD) main arena has attracted millions of visitors after the Games, becoming a new tourist attraction and an icon of the capital city.

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