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Struck by State-ownership, Shanghai Sharks Is Struggling without Sponsor

Two players in Guangdong Southern Tigers (广东宏远) and three in Shandong Lions (山东黄金) were fined and suspended by CBA last week for a brawl in their quarter-final playoff match. Guangdong, the defending champion, was barely touched by the punishment and extended their winning streak to 25 games after defeating Dongguan Leopards (东莞马可波罗) by 111 - 103 in their first semi-final match on Sunday. Everyone's happy in the in-form Guangdong side, even the two young players who were supposed to be put on the bench be there's a suspension or not. The two were fined RMB 70,000 ($ 10,239 USD) in all. This may not be a small sum for bench players, but their financial situation is head and shoulders above veterans like Liu Wei (刘炜) in the Shanghai team.

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Chinese to Enjoy English Premier League for Free? (Update)

That might be possible from 2010. According to a latest Bloomberg article, some non-media companies may bid for the next 3-year Chinese television broadcasting rights to EPL after the contract runs out with WinTV, a pay-per-view channel run by state-owned Guangdong Provincial Television. And where to watch next? CCTV. Below are some excerpts...

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Liu Xiang, Doping and Sports Journalism Ethics

Titan Sports, China's largest sports publication, on Nov. 18th ran a piece about foreign journalists offering bribe to get doping stories from Liu Xiang's coach. Below are some excerpts:

Eight doping cases came to light in the Beijing Olympics. Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, predicted 7 more could be found after the final testing session. Olympic champions such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have all been questioned so far. Liu Xiang , Chinese 110-meter hurdler, who won gold in 2004 Athens Olympics and became world champion at the World Athletics Championships in Osaka in 2007, can not escape from linking with drug use either.

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