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Ice skating in Beijing

1DmkIV and 7D on Ice – Winter fun on Beijing’s Houhai lake from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Another wonderful video from Dan Chung, award-winning photojournalist at The Guardian‘s Beijing bureau.  This reminds me a lot of my childhood. :-)  Go here to read about Beijing’s winter sports in the old days.

‘Niu’ Year For Chinese Snowboarders

Apparently Mellow Parks Construction — China’s experts for all things snowboarding — never bothered to check the calendar when they released its Magnum opus Nov. 14. For the snowboarding community both in China and around the world, the New Year comes six weeks early with the release of “Happy Niu Year,” a film documenting some of the most exciting riding in the People’s Republic to date.

“It is helping to put China on the map as far as the world snowboarding community is concerned,” said Olli Fenwick-Ross, marketing director for Mellow Parks. “People know the Nanshan Open now, but they don’t know what else is happening here. This film is reaching a broader audience, to show there are good snowboarders here in China.”

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Aiming Vancouver, China Won Gold in 2009 World Women’s Curling Championship

China women's curling team defeated Sweden by 8 : 6 in 2009 World Women's Curling Championship in South Korea, winning the first-ever gold in the tournament. The team, skipped by 25-year-old Wang Bingyu, continued their 11 game winning streak in the final, knocking off Swedish player Anette Norberg, the Olympic champion in Turin. The women's curling team finished second in last years' World Championship. They are now expected to win gold at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

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Harbin Winter Universiade Cold-shouldered by Chinese

Of about 25 friends we talked to yesterday, three Canadians included, only one person actually knew that the Harbin Winter Universiade was coming.

"I won't watch any of the games, as I don't play those sports," said Liu Hongchao, a 25-year-old university graduate who plays football in his free time. "No one here even watches Universiade, let alone the winter games." Liu's view is probably shared by many Chinese sports editors, as we couldn't find coverage of the Winter Universiade on the front covers of all the sports publications and the Internet portals in the country so far. Winter sports seem too far away from most of Chinese people.

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