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Making Sense of the Guangdong Southern Tigers Signing of 18-Year-Old Emmanuel Mudiay

After all of the hoopla that went on at the 2014 NBA Draft last month in New York City, the media's attention has now turned to the next class that will most likely grace the stage come 2015, with phenom point guard Emmanuel Mundiay being on the lips of every pundit.

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Li Muhao Looks To Impress Scouts Ahead Of 2014 NBA Draft

As Game 2 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Final between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers was going down, two other events also occurred on that day. In a studio in New York City, some of the worst teams in the 2013-14 NBA season waited in anticipation to find out which would secure the number one pick for this summer’s NBA Draft.

Meanwhile, out in California, 7-2 Chinese center Li Muhao of the Dongguan Leopards in the Chinese Basketball Association was going through the paces as he worked out in front of several NBA scouts who will be looking to add more quality players to their teams for next season.

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Reviewing the 2012 Nike Festival of Sport

The second Nike Festival of Sport (FoW) took place in Shanghai last weekend. Brash, loud and invariably crowded, the inaugural event had a very Chinese feel to its organisation and this time around, the global sports giant was hoping for an event that had the same buzz and without the chaos.

Situated on the car parks and astroturf pitches surrounding the Shanghai stadium, things certainly felt neater and more thought-out than what had been predicted and from an accessibility point of view, there certainly didn’t seem to be any problems. Everything was sign posted and there seemed to be a clear line of communication between event organisers and the people coming to see the various events.

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China Goes Linsane

Even during my Valentine's Day dinner with Stephon Marbury and Randolph Morris, two former National Basketball Association (NBA) players who now play for the Beijing Ducks, one topic was unavoidable: Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks guard who has emerged from nowhere to lead the team to a seven-game winning streak.

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A Seven-Point Plan to Improving the Chinese Basketball Association (Part 1)

Aside from the Euroleague, the only other basketball anyone will possibly be watching this year is from the China Basketball Association as players and owners work feverishly to hammer out a deal to save the NBA season. With the start of the 2011-2012 season approaching there is a lot of anticipation an excitement.

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Yao Ming’s Imminent Retirement Does Not Spell Death for the NBA in China

The imminent retirement of Houston Rockets’ center Yao Ming comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Shanghai native’s career from his early beginnings in the game. Persistent injuries over the past few seasons have allowed the towering center to only play in a handful of games. Coming off of his most recent injury, a stress fracture of his ankle, may have put the writing on the wall for the former Shanghai Sharks star.

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In the Mood for Anniversary

Every morning I am waked up by the PLA soldiers in our community. It's been going like this for a month. Each day, they begin with three songs at 7:30. Exactly 7:30, not a minute early or a minute late. After breakfast, around 9:00, another three songs. Then two more before lunch time, at around 11:50.

They also sing in the afternoons. Sometimes around 17:00, their voices would blend with Mr.Kenny G's "Going Home" played through a loudspeaker in a nearby kindergarten, a song gained its ubiquitous popularity in the People's Republic since the early 1990s. It's a completely surreal mix.

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Haier to Open Store at Nets’ New Arena

The agreement with Haier is expected to be announced within the next several days, according to an executive who was briefed on the deal. The company will have a store within what would be known as Barclays Center, which is part of a planned 22-acre development near Downtown Brooklyn.

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China Sports Review Weekly Roundup

Most team members of Chongqing Daping Middle School football team, which won the 21th World Schools Championship in Turkey, have been found out to be pro footballers.

Gao Hongbo was named as new coach of China Men's Soccer Team, the youngest man to take the helm in 30 years.

Bernie Ecclestone backs the future of Shanghai GP...

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Age Scandal Continues, Yi Jianlian Proved To Be Three Years Older

China Sports Review previously told you about the age scandal over Chinese basketball and football players. Li Zhigang, a reporter from Sports Illustrated China, posted an article on his blog yesterday about the investigation over Yi Jianlian's age. Yi, now playing at the New Jersey Nets, entered NBA in 2007/2008 season.

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